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  • rcp001
  • Rangate Profile Cutter Knife Change Guide
  • Profile Cutter Set
  • Profile Cutter Set

Profile Cutter Set

If you're doing short-run, highly customized profile work, this cutter set might be exactly the solution you've been looking for. The set comes ready with seven of our most popular profiles, giving you instant flexibility. More than a hundred profiles are available to meet any design request you've got.

Got this tool already and want a heavier duty wrench? Try our RZ052.775.N Torque Wrench made for this tool.
US $495.95
CAN $595.95
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Product Description

Click here for an list of all available profiles [pdf, 2 mb]

This set has a built-in chip limiter designed to ensure the operator's safety by preventing over-feeding of wood. Each ships in a plastic container with a foam interior designed to protect and organize your profile knives while not being used. While the set comes with 7 different profile knives, dozens of additional profiles are available- contact us through the order form on this page to place an order.

Set-Up & Maintenance

Click here for a video guide to changing knives and limiters

To ensure your tools will always be ready for use, we recommend keeping one spare set of insert knives on hand for your cutters. Knives shipped for our Profile Cutter Set are High Speed Steel for cost-effective knife changes- this set is designed for limited production runs where flexibility is more important than heavy repeated use.

Cutter Diameter: 93 mm
Cutter Height: 40 mm
RPM Range: 5800 - 8600

Rangate Profile Cutter Set Drawings
Click for an expanded drawing of this cutterhead. (PDF, 770kb)
The max torque for the 4mm hex screws used on this cutter is 3.1 Nm. Take care to swap out profiles with a wrench which supplies appropriate torque.
This tool comes with a handy L-shape hex wrench. Many tool operator also obtain our heavier duty wrench RZ052.775.N Torque Wrench to change their profile knives without over-twisting the screws.

Insert Knives & Limiters

Insert Knife Guide

Position Knife Code Description Quantity per Tool Quantity per Order
A RSKS0000 Type "0" Profile Knife 2 2
B RSLSA1000 Type "0" Profile Limiter 2 2
A RSKS0002 Type "2" Profile Knife 2 2
B RSLSA1002 Type "2" Profile Limiter 2 2
A RSKS0003 Type "3" Profile Knife 2 2
B RSLSA1003 Type "3" Profile Limiter 2 2
A RSKS0005 Type "5" Profile Knife 2 2
B RSLSA1005 Type "5" Profile Limiter 2 2
A RSKS0007 Type "7" Profile Knife 2 2
B RSLSA1007 Type "7" Profile Limiter 2 2
A RSKS0011 Type "11" Profile Knife 2 2
B RSLSA1011 Type "11" Profile Limiter 2 2
A RSKS0012 Type "12" Profile Knife 2 2
B RSLSA1012 Type "12" Profile Limiter 2 2

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