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Rangate TV

Our whole video library is available for you to browse here. Use the filters on the left to watch videos on a specific topic.

About Rangate
About Rangate

Learn about our values and approach in this About Us video.

Woodworking Project Story - Dinner on the Pier
Project Story - Dinner on the Pier

Learn about how Rangate tooling helped the Daly Co. realize their creative vision for a community project.

Rangate Adjustable Grooving Cutters
Quick Look - Adjustable Groovers

See the range and capability of our Adjustable Groovers in this short video.

Rangate Glue Joint Cutters
Quick Look - Glue Joint Cutters

See our Deep Groove and Full Reference glue joint cutters in action.

Rangate Lock Miter Cutter
Quick Look - Lock Miter Cutter

See the precision of our Lock Miter cutter in this quick video.

Rangate Multi-Use Tool
Quick Look - Multi Use Cutter

Our Multi Use Cutter is the most versatile cutter you can find anywhere. Get a feel for all of the things it can do in this quick look.

Rangate Spiral Cutter
Quick Look - Spiral Cutter

The Spiral Cutter is a powerful tool for custom work and copy shaping. See it run in this video.

Rangate Stile and Rail Set
Quick Look - Cabinet Door Set

With a range of thickness and profile options and an innovative design that requires no cutter or fence changes between profiling and tenoning, this cabinet set is worth a closer look.

Rangate Door Cutters
Quick Look - Interior/Exterior Door Set

Our door set can craft both interior and exterior doors with quality joinery up to 2-1/4" thick. See it run in this short video.

Rangate Panel Raise Cutters
Quick Look - Panel Raise Cutter

Our panel raise cutter can be fitted with a wide selection of profile options, and cuts smooth, even on the cross grain passes.

Rangate Lift & Slide Cutter
Quick Look - Lift and Slide Cutter

Our Lift and Slide cutter is an essential for anyone looking to make this high performance, increasingly popular style.

Rangate Multi-Point Hardware Groover
Quick Look - Euro Groover

This tool mills a "Euro Groove" for multi-point lock systems in a single pass, with a unique design within the industry.

Welcome to CutterShare
Welcome to CutterShare

CutterShare enables you to get Rangate's tools for 1-3 months for a fraction of the cost of owning. See how it works in this video!

Lock Miter Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Lock Miter Tool

This is a handy guide to setting up and running our Lock Miter tool, now available through CutterShare.

Full Reference Glue Joint Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
Cuttershare Full Reference Glue Joint Tool

Our much-loved "zigzag tool" is available through CutterShare! See why it's got a great reputation in this video guide.

Deep Groove Glue Joint Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Deep Groove Glue Joint Tool

Seeing is believing- it really is as easy as cutting two pieces and flipping one over to have a tight glue joint with this tool. Now available through CutterShare.

Finger Joint Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Finger Joint Tool

Strong and deep finger joints are now available to everyone! Check out the video guide to see how to set up and run along-the-grain and cross-grain finger joint cuts.

Cabinet Door Set - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Cabinet Door Set

This premium quality cabinet set is available through CutterShare for a fraction of the purchase price. See how to do the coping and sticking cuts in this video guide.

Exterior/Interior Door Set - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Exterior/Interior Door Set

If you've thought about trying to build doors, sharing our set via CutterShare is the easiest way to use premium tools without a serious commitment.

Raised Panel Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Raised Panel Tool

Our Raised Panel cutter is available through CutterShare. Get a look at how to set up and run clean panels in this video tutorial.

Lift & Slide Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Lift & Slide Tool

Prototyping your Lift-and-Slide door or doing that 1-off job has never been easier- accessing our performance cutter is just a few clicks away.

Adjustable Door Jamb Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
CutterShare Door Jamb Tool

Sharing this heavy duty tool will make sense for many wood shops. This setup and use guide will give you a great idea of its capability.

Returning Your CutterShare Order
Returning Your CutterShare Order

Quick look at how sending CutterShare orders back works.

How to Safely Change Insert Knives
How to Safely Change Insert Knives

We go deep on knife changes with some large window tools. A comprehensive guide to safely changing edges.

Changing Knives on a Rangate Multi-Use Cutter
Knife Change Guide - Multi-Use Cutter

This guide shows you how to safely change out each knife type on our Multi-Use Cutter.

Changing Knives on a Rangate Adjustable Groover
Knife Change Guide - Adjustable Groover

This guide shows how to safely change out all of the knives on our adjustable grooving cutters.

Changing Knives on a Rangate Spiral Cutter Head
Knife Change Guide - Spiral Cutter

This guide shows how to change out the knives on a spiral cutter. Note this video depicts our previous aluminium spiral cutter design.

Changing Knives on a Rangate Lift-and-Slide Cutter
Knife Change Guide - Lift and Slide Cutter

This guide shows how to safely change out all the knife types on our lift and slide cutter.

Rangate Profile Cutter Knife Change Guide
Knife Change Guide - Profile Cutter RCP0001

Safely change through the many profiles available on our Profile Cutter Set (Item # RCP0001) with this handy guide.

T20 Torque Wrench Demo
T20 Torque Wrench Demo

This video shows how to use our Torque wrenches, which turn over with a click after applying the correct amount of torque.

How to make a groove and tenon joint on a shaper
How to Make a Groove and Tenon Joint

This video goes over using our Adjustable Groovers to make stub tenons.

How to Set Up & Cut Full Reference Glue Joints
How to Cut Full Reference Glue Joints

This video takes you through the use of our Full Reference Glue Joint Cutter.

How to Set Up & Cut Deep Groove Glue Joints
How to Cut Deep Groove Glue Joints

Overview of how easy it is to run our Deep Groove Glue Joint Cutter.

How to Set up a Lock Miter Cut
How to Cut an Accurate Lock Miter

Lock Miter cuts have a reputation as tricky- this video will help you get it right, every time!

How to Do 5 Different Cuts with a Vari Angle Cutter
Using the Vari Angle Cutter

The Vari Angle Cutter can be used for many different jobs. See how to get the most out of it in this video.

How to make a 5-piece cabinet door on a shaper machine
How to Make a 5-Piece Cabinet Door

We use our cabinet door set and panel raise cutter to put together a classic 5 piece cabinet door.

Making a Chair with the Spiral Tool, Pt. 1
Making a Chair with the Spiral Cutter, Pt. 1.

Clips from Alpine Workshop attendees using the spiral cutter to make chairs.

Making a Chair with the Spiral Tool, Pt. 2
Making a Chair with the Spiral Cutter, Pt. 2

Clips of Alpine Workshop attendees using the Spiral Cutter to make chairs

Making a Chair with the Spiral Tool, Pt. 3
Making a Chair with the Spiral Cutter, Pt. 3

Clips of Alpine Workshop attendees using the Spiral Cutter to make chairs.

How to Build Panel & French Door Frames
Building Panel & French Door Frames

We go through the process of building the frames for captured-panel doors, as well as French doors.

Edge Clean-Up & Corner Radiusing with a Multi-Use
Multi-Use Radiusing and Edge Cleanup

Using our Multi Use tool to clean up edges and put radiused edges on our stock.

Making Flooring & Wall Paneling with the Multi-Use Cutter
Making Flooring & Paneling with the Multi Use

This shows how to put together paneling for flooring or walls with the Multi Use Cutter.

How to Shape the Sash of a Lift-and-Slide Door
How to Shape Lift and Slide Sashes

Video from Alpine Workshop showing how to craft Lift and Slide sashes

Grooving a Lift & Slide Door Frame with the Multi-Use Cutter
How to Groove a Lift and Slide Door Frame

We use the Multi-Use cutter to groove the frame for a Lift and Slide door.

Using the Multi-Use Cutter to  Mill a Gasket Groove
Milling a Gasket Groove with the Multi Use

Using the Multi Use Cutter to cut gasket grooves for our sash.

Zero Clearance Fence Setup
Zero Clearance Fence Setup

Setting up a custom zero clearance fence to shape large sashes at the Alpine Technical Workshop.

Custom Window Sash Shaping
Custom Window Sash Shaping

Shaping the sash of a large door at the Alpine Workshop using a custom zero clearance fence

Large Sash Exterior Shaping
Large Sash Exterior Shaping

Shaping the outside of a large sash after assembly.

Alpine Workshop Window Components
Alpine Workshop Window Components

Quick shot of some window components after their first pass through the shaper at the Alpine Workshop.

Zuani-Prüller Corner Joint
Prüller Corner Joint Milling

See how the Prüller joint is machined and joined in this informational video.

Soukup America Crafter CNC Machining Center
Soukup America CRAFTER

See the CRAFTER angular processing center specifically designed for door and window manufacturing in this video.

Rangate CNC Tool Mount/Demount Stand
CNC Tool Mount/Demount Stand

We recommend anyone using HSK cones to use a tool setting stand. See how it works here.

Rangate TORNADO CNC Dust Extraction Nut
TORNADO Dust Extraction Nut

Seeing is believing! Check out how much dust the TORNADO cyclones off of a workpiece during nesting operations.

Using Knot Filler with Butterfly Ties
Knot Filler Repair with Butterfly Ties

This technique is good wood science, and looks great too.

How to Do Edge Repairs with Knot Filler
Knot Filler Edge Repairs

Using a backing block is a great trick for a fast and clean fill on the edge.

Wood Repair with Rangate Knot Filler
Knot Filler Repair

A quick repair with our Knot Filler rods.

Repairing a Scratch with Rangate Knot Filler
Scratch Repair with Knot Filler

Quick video showing repairing a long scratch with Pine knot filler.

Knot Filler Repair with Oil Finish
Knot Filler Repair with Oil Finish

See a fast Knot Filler repair, finished with linseed oil.

Knot Repair 1
Knot Filler Demonstration

Another Knot Filler demonstration, showing the material contrast obtainable with finish.

How to Use Knot Filler Powder
Mixing Knot Filler Powder

Demonstration on properly mixing Knot Filler in powdered form.

How to Repair Wood with Knot Filler Powder
Knot Filler Powder Demonstration

More examples of using Knot Filler powder.

Barth Multipress RP
Barth Multi-Press RP

This video demonstrates the features of the Barth Multi-Press RP, the most popular series of Barth frame presses.

Barth Multi-Press RPG

This video demonstrates the features of the RPG series Multi-Press units, which feature an adjustable top crossbar.

Barth Multi-Press RPG-L

This video demonstrates the features of the RPG-L series of Multi-Press units, which feature a perforated backplate.

Spotlight on Rangate Barth 500V
Spotlight on Barth 500V

Watch the 500V work to its full potential as it takes on challenges at a German joinery shop!

Barth VakuuCar+
Barth VakuuCar

This video demonstrates the features of the Barth VakuuCar+ mobile workstation.

Barth VakuuSYST 3.15
Barth VakuuSYST 3.15

The VakuuSYST enables strong, scratch-free vacuum clamping at any work bench.

Barth Lift Table
Barth Lift Tables

This video showcases the handling and lift ability of Barth's lift tables.

Barth Lift Table 300
Barth Lift Table 300

See the capability of the Barth Lift Table 300 LT in this video.

Rangate Barth Lift Table 300 Operation
Barth Lift Table 300 Operation

See how to raise, lower, and lock the casters on the Barth Lift Table 300 LT.

Caster Wheels with Swivel Brake on Rangate Barth LT 300
Barth Lift Table 300 Caster Demo

A closer look on how to operate the swivel brakes on the Barth LT 300 casters.

Pizzi Glue Systems
Pizzi Glue Systems

Curious about how the Pizzi system works? This video takes you through setting up and pressurizing your tank, as well as use of many of the specialized nozzles available through Rangate.

Adjusting Glue Flow on Rangate Pizzi Standard Glue Gun
Adjusting Glue Flow on Pizzi Gun

Quick example on how to adjust glue flow, with examples of the relative change between settings.

Rangate Pizzi 9001 vs. Manual Glue Bottle
Rangate Pizzi vs Manual Gluing

Compare the Rangate Pizzi directly to working manually!

Rangate Pizzi Nozzles
Rangate Pizzi Nozzles

A quick overview of the many Pizzi nozzles available through Rangate.

Adding Glue to the Pizzi 9001
Adding Glue to the Pizzi 9001

See how simple and quick it is to add glue and maintain the Pizzi glue tank.

Quick Look: Rangate Pizzi Maintenace
Quick Look - Pizzi Maintenance

This video runs down the fast, easy checks every Pizzi owner should make monthly and yearly to maintain their tank in great condition.

Keeping Rangate Pizzi Nozzles Clean
Quick Look - Pizzi Nozzle Care

A quick how-to on maintaining your Pizzi nozzles.

Rangate Pizzi Dowel Nozzles
Rangate Pizzi Dowel Nozzles

This quick video shows how our dowel nozzles can speed your dowel glue-ups.

Rangate Pizzi Finger Joint Nozzles
Rangate Pizzi Finger Joint Nozzle

See how quick finger joint glue ups go from a headache to a cinch with the right tool.

Pizzi Flow Adjustment
Pizzi Gun Flow Adjustment

Quick video guide on how to increase or lessen the flow of glue through the standard Pizzi glue gun.

Pizzi Nozzle Changes
Pizzi Nozzle Changes

Quick guide on how easy it is to swap out Pizzi nozzles on the standard gun.

Omni=Joint: Joinery System for Doors and Windows
Introduction to Omni Joint

Curious about what Omni Joint is, and how it works? This video will introduce you to the system.

Omni-Joint- Assembly System
Omni Joint System

This video goes over the Omni Joint system.

Omni=Joint - Mechanical Joinery System
Omni Joint Mechanical Joinery

Another look at the Omni Joint system.

Omni Joint for Doors and Windows
Omni Joint for Doors and Windows

This video highlights the advantages of Omni Joint for joining windows and doors.

CNC Routing for the Omni Joint system
CNC Routing for Omni Joint

This video shows a CNC router milling out the pockets required for the Omni Joint system.

Omni Joint Operations
Omni Joint Drilling Jigs

This video demonstrates working with Omni Joint via manual jigs instead of CNC routing.

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