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  • Steel-Body Tool Cleaner

Tool Cleaner for Steel Cutters

This powdered detergent, commercially known as Acusticlean 15 AE, is for cleaning tools after heavy use and accumulation of debris and grime.
US $35.95
CAN $37.95
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Product Description

The compound is formulated for use with ultrasonic cleaners, but can be used to clean tools by hand with careful safety precautions as well; consult the product instructions for the right ratio of powder to water to use for the type of cleaning you're doing.

This formulation is only suitable for cleaning steel-body tools- be sure not to expose aluminum-body tools to the solution.

Usage & Care

Cleaning should be done with care to ensure safety and the best results- please follow all safety precautions when using it. Consult the material datasheet for the full scope of the compound's physical and chemical properties.

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General Woodwork
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