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  • Rangate Corrugated Back Shaper Cutter
  • Rangate Corrugated Back Shaper Cutter

Corrugated-Knife Shaper Cutter

This cutter body accepts a wide range of corrugated-back high speed steel knives with an extra-tall profile height of 100mm. If you're looking for a flexible alternative for specialty solid wood profiling for furniture, millwork, or windows and doors, this cutter will quickly become invaluable in your shop. On this steel body head, you can obtain your own custom HSS profile knives. Knives are not included in this head purchase.
US $595.95
CAN $795.95
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Product Description

We designed this cutter based on conversations with our clients, who were looking for a cutter which could use traditional, safe corrugated-back high speed steel knives which could be ground to a profile. While we can produce knives with any profile you're looking for, this cutter system allows your local sharpening company to grind knives for you as well.

With a 100mm (3.9") cutting edge length, you can easily match large existing furniture or moulding profiles for renovation work. The corrugated-back system allows for knives to be easily swapped in and out or re-positioned to a different depth safely and quickly.

Our standard bore size is 1-¼"- other bore sizes are available upon request. Each tool includes the wrench necessary for knife changes- corrugated high-speed steel knives are purchased separately.

Insert Knife Guide

Where to Get Knives Made
This tool does not ship with standard insert knives. It accepts standard corrugated HSS knives which can be ordered from many grinding shops around the country. Many of our clients order their knives from HotKnives- we have no financial relationship or interest with their company.

How to Get Insert Knives Made
To get knives made for your custom profiles, send the technical drawing to your grinder to ensure a safe, quality cut. This drawing will specify the correct projection and hook angles for the knives to be used safely.

Download Technical Drawing

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