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  • Pizzi Standard Glue Gun
  • Adjusting Glue Flow on Rangate Pizzi Standard Glue Gun
  • Pizzi Glue Systems

Pizzi Standard Glue Gun

Our standard gun has established itself as an industry standard for its durability and suitability for just about any glue work you can think of. The flow of PVA glue is controlled by a hand lever, which allows for better control than with a handheld glue bottle. It accepts the full range of specialized nozzles Rangate offers, allowing you the flexibility to use it for nearly any application.
US $149.95
CAN $194.95
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Product Description

The Standard Glue Gun will work with all of Rangate's glue tanks, and comes equipped with our standard universal nozzle which suits most general applications. For specialized use, we carry a wide selection of attachments and glue nozzles. Gun orders do not include nylon hose to connect to the tank- to order one, click here.

Rangate Pizzi glue equipment is designed for use with PVA glues only. This includes all the common "white glue" and "yellow glue” used in woodworking, like Titebond® I, II, and III. This item is not intended for use with PVC glues or contact cement.

Parts & Maintenance

With proper use and maintenance, this durable gun can endure even heavy daily use. To get the most out of your gun, consult our informative maintenance guide to extend the longevity of your equipment.

Replacement Parts for Standard Glue Gun

To order replacement parts for the standard glue gun, please send us an email to info @ rangate.com or call 888-810-2522 x105. You may also consult this parts diagram or the the table below as a start.

Standard Glue Gun 0002
Part Number Item Description
10020 Pizzi O-Ring 118 1 Piece Part for Glue Dispensing Gun 9902 & 0002
10004 Pizzi O-RING 117 1 Piece Part for Glue Dispensing Gun
10021 Pizzi Glue Gun Head (Plastic) for Glue Dispensing Gun
10026 Haft 10026 for Pizzi Glue Gun Model 00002

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