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  • CNC Tool Cleaning Set
  • CNC Cleaning Cone Wiping
  • Cleaning CNC Collets
  • Cleaning CNC Collets

CNC Tool Cleaning Set

Proper care for your CNC cones and collets will extend the lifespan of these components, maintain a better cut finish, and prevent unsafe working conditions. We highly recommend this set of specialized cleaning tools for any shop producing with a CNC router.
US $145.95
CAN $154.95
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Product Description

This set is used to clean three components of your CNC production: the spindle openings which your tool holders fit into, your tool holders and chucks, and the collets which grip your router bits. In order for your machine to be in good working order, all three of these components should be habitually brushed out after the working session is over. See our maintenance instructions below to see the proper technique for making sure your router equipment stays at peak performance.

Technical Data

We carry two variants- one for ER32 sized collets and holders, and one for ER40. Both sets contain apppropriately-sized versions of the same core cleaning tools:

  • 1 Cleaning Tool for Cones
  • 1 Cleaning Tool for Tool Holders
  • 4 Collet Chuck Brushes. These brushes do not vary between the ER32 and ER40 sets, and consist of 1 brush for bores from 3-6mm, 1 brush for 6.4-11mm, 1 brush for 12-18mm, and 1 brush for 19-25mm.

How to Use Cleaning Kit

Use the largest implement to wipe down the inside of your cones after removing the tool holder for 30 seconds-1 minute, until there is no chip or built-up resin inside of the opening. Debris inside the cone can prevent the tool holder from setting correctly, resulting in potential danger and a worse cut quality.

After removing the collet from tool holder, clean out the holder with the 2nd wooden-handled implement for about 30 seconds.

After removing the bit, select the right sized brush from the 4 which come which the set, and rotate the brush around inside for about 30 seconds. Debris inside the collet can cause the bit to rotate slightly elliptically, instead of in place- this can dramatically increase vibrations, which CAN weaken the collet and impact the finish of your cut.

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