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  • Rangate Bevel Shaker Cabinet Elements
  • Rangate Bevel Shaker Cabinet Tool
  • Rangate Bevel Shaker Cabinet Profile Cutter

Bevel Shaker Elements for Stile & Rail Set

These two new additional elements stack with the existing tool elements in the Stile and Rail Cabinet set to produce bevel shaker cabinet doors. You get the best of both worlds- the capability to do sleek and modern cabinet doors, while enjoying the ease of set-up its 1-2-3 same-diameter stacked design.
US $1695.95
CAN $2295.95
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Product Description

This set adds two new tool elements to our standard Stile & Rail Cabinet Set which enable your existing tool to be used for beveled shaker cabinet doors between 3/4" and 1". (19 to 25 mm). Like the original set, each tool element is stacked directly in a 1-2-3 configuration, with no need for shims or spacers. These additions use the same consistent inside diameter design we pioneered in the 90s.This means there's no need to adjust fences between profiling and tenoning, saving you time and ensuring the consistency and tightness of your joinery.

The bevel on the profile is at a 25°. This gives your cabinet doors the sharp, clean design which consumers are looking for, while being far easier to maintain good finishing on with corners that are less likely to chip or damage with time.

Insert Knife Guide

To ensure your tools will always be ready for use, we recommend keeping one spare set of insert knives on hand for your cutters- check these diagrams to find the product codes for our adjustable groover insert knives.

Tenoning Cutter - Element .002
Position Knife Code Description Quantity per Tool Quantity per Order
A RSK91011168 Groove Knife 2 2
B RSK967DH03025.P001429 Bevel Profile Knife 2 2

Profiling Cutter - Element .001
Position Knife Code Description Quantity per Tool Quantity per Order
A RSKS150.022.19.20 Triangular Spur Knife 2 10
B RSK967DH01725.P001428 Bevel Profile Knife 2 2

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