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Engineering is our commitment. We founded Rangate to offer only tooling and equipment designed and built to the highest standards of performance and safety.

Rangate Lift Cart 300kg

Special 1-2-3: Rangate Lift Carts Free Freight*

Go here to reserve your now:

To US: https://rangate.com/cart300

To Canada: https://rangate.com/cart300canada

Need to pay in full for deduction?

Please call 888-810-2522 x105.

Fully Welded Frames for Sturdiness! Strong corner joints. No air and water penetrations into frames.

*** Special 1-2-3 Offers ***

Advance Sale: Buy More. Save More. Reserve yours today starting US $299 or CA $499.

Pricing includes LTL truck delivery without a liftgate to a commercial location in major metro commercial address.

Reserve yours now with Free Commercial LTL Freight*:

  • Buy More. Save More.
    US Buy 1: US $2,299 / Pay $299 now
    US Buy 2: US $4,449 / Pay $649 now
    US Buy 3: US $6,499 / Pay $1,199 now
    Canada Buy 1: CA $3,099 / Pay $499 now
    Canada Buy 2: CA $5,999 / Pay $899 now
    Canada Buy 3: CA $8,699 / Pay $1,299 now
  • Forecast Ship: End of Feb 2024. We will update you.
  • We will work with you on the delivery and final payment.
  • We monitor the shipment and provide you with tracking info.
  • We will send you sample tabletop drawing files.

*Free Freight: The total for one unit is $2,299.00 + free curbside delivery to a continental US/Canada metro commercial address without liftgate service. Any additional services including Liftgate, Residential Address, Inside Delivery can be added and quoted separately in addition to a comparable delivery to a nearby commercial address. Sales tax in WA and AZ is extra.

Not a commercial address or need a liftgate? No problem? We can give you a quote on these services. Or you can pick it up at a nearby terminal hub.

Reserve yours now or contact us:

To US: https://rangate.com/cart300

To Canada: https://rangate.com/cart300canada

888-810-2522 x105 | info@rangate.com

This Rangate Lift Cart 300 is a great, simple shop assistant in a wood shop. The capacity is 300 kg or 660 lbs. The hydraulic lift operates smoothly with a foot bar, and two of the four swiveling wheels have locks.

This unit does not come with a tabletop. We can furnish a plan file for 1250x800mm or 49-3/16" x 31-1/2" top. You can choose to make it with and without peg holes, specific for your shop accessories and needs.

Need a bigger working surface? Check out our Rangate Lift Cart 300 Large Double Scissors Lift Table.

Work on many panels and sheet goods? Check out our Rangate Lift Cart 300 Swivel Single Scissor Lift Swivel Table.
Clamping Systems
Rangate Tenoning Slider Table by Panhans

This slider table executes perfect mortise and tenon joints on a shaper without using a left-hand tenoning table.

The miter fence mounted on the shaper table is adjustable from 30° to 150°. The high-quality bearings on a heavy-duty steel plate enable a smooth operation and execute the joinery you have designed.

This Rangate Tenoning Slider Table by Panhans is perfect for everyday furniture, door, and window projects.

Clamping Systems
Soukup Frame Press Clamping Machine

The Soukup Hydraulic Frame Press is for panel, door, window, cabinet, lamination, and stock glue up's. Check it out at our sister company's website.

Soukup Hydraulic Robust Frame Press
Specialized design enables precision corner squaring for frames and sashes.
Fast-squaring capability streamlines the clamping bottleneck in casegoods, door, and window production.
Customizable for pressing door & cabinet panels, scantlings, and arched windows.

The FP Frame Press Series is a heavy-duty, electrically powered hydraulic frame press for assembling and gluing of windows, doors, and other components with either open or closed tenon joints. The press is equipped with three or four vertical clamping beams with counterbalanced hydraulic pistons. The horizontal end clamping beam is also complete with hydraulic adjustable pistons, the top one is counterbalanced. The vertical clamping beams ball bearing movement design enables rapid and precise variable positioning with lever locking pins, allowing unhindered gluing of large and very small frames accurately and precisely. Our modular design enables you to customize your press to your specific needs with a full array of optional choices, for projects like non-rectangular frames, solid wood panels, and laminated scantlings.

Clamping Systems
Arch Clamps

Eccentric clamp designed to properly clamp angled finger joints.

Our Italian-engineered Arch Clamp is designed to keep angled finger joints under pressure. The eccentric presses are covered in rubber to protect the wood from damage during pressing.

Clamping Systems

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