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  • Terminus Knives with Diamond Coating
  • Diamond Terminus Knives in Packaging
  • Diamond Edge Terminus Knife

Terminus™ Knives with NaDia Diamond Coating


RSKZE04 Series

If you're using Terminus™ knives in your planer, jointer, or moulder, our diamond-treated edges deliver more value than any other knife in the market. These edges last 2-3 times longer than untreated Terminus™ knives, and deliver the smoothest cut you'll find. Each order contains 2 diamond-coated HSS M2 knives.
US $54.95
CAN $73.95
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About Our Terminus™ Knives

We start with a HSS M2 base knife to maximize value for our clients, and apply nano-diamond coating to the edge. The set-up and cut dimensions are identical to untreated knives- the only difference is the improved cut quality and longer effective life for the cutting edges.

While we stock 130mm and 230mm knives, custom orders between 130mm-230mm can be ordered by contacting us through the order form on this page. By combining knives in larger planer heads, you can achieve a smooth cut with no lines for needs greater than 230mm- by varying the knife stacking between the cutting wings, combinations can achieve a smooth cut without any lines on the planed wood. The exact increase in lineal feet NaDia coating will add depends on the feed speed and species of wood being cut- typical lifespan increase is in the order of 3 times as long.

About NaDia Diamond Coating

NaDia layers the hardness of diamond structures with graphitized carbon molecules which absorb the shock of impact, resulting in a cutting edge with a much lower coefficient of friction- taking far less wear per cut. The coating is a single micron (.001mm) in thickness- so incredibly fine that the dimensions of the cut will match exactly with a non-treated blade. For heads above 310mm, our stock blades can be combined to fit many common CEL dimensions; by varying the knife stacking between the cutting wings, combinations can achieve a smooth cut without any lines on the planed wood.

The only difference is a characteristic rainbow sheen on the surface- the crystalline structure of diamond breaks up the light like a prism. It's applied through an advanced process called Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition which applies the coating at low temperatures, which is important, since heating and cooling metals rapidly can make them more brittle. These HSS M2 blades retain their original material properties, with no extra brittleness or sensitivity.

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