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  • No-Rot Dowel Drill Bits
  • Dowel Drill Bits

Dowel Drill Bits

DR Series
Rangate offers our dowel drill bits, which are designed specifically for our Rot-Resist Dowels. With these bits having ø1mm of room, you can have confidence that your dowel constructions will be a perfect fit, every time.
US $96.95
CAN $102.95
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Product Description

These drill bits are available in both left-handed and right-handed spirals, both which will fit with the longitudinally-milled grooves on our No-Rot Dowels. Our three drill bit sizes match our three dowel dimensions for the correct fit for each dowel size. The bits feature an extra .1mm in each drilling, which allows the glue used in the fastening to set properly.

Recommended Use

Wood is a sturdy but pliable material that expands and contracts constantly- making sure your dowel is fitted perfectly with the correct bit can increase the longevity of your windows and doors and minimize the effect of harmful loosening or weakening over time. For perfect results every time, consider a Dowel Glue Nozzle for your Pizzi gluing system that will complete your dowel system and ensure your dowel gluing is precise, perfectly fitted, and minimizes wasted time and glue.

Dowel Drillbit Dimensions

Product Code Bit Diameter Length Shank Diameter
10mm Dowel Drillbits - DR10112510 10.1mm 125mm 10mm
12mm Dowel Drillbits - DR12112510 12.1mm 125mm 10mm
16mm Dowel Drillbits - DR16112510 16.1mm 125mm 10mm

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