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More Doors


Sliding doors slide along a hardware track to open and close. This can be useful in tight areas which do not have room for a door to swing inwards or outwards. The sliding part of the door is known as the active leaf, while the fixed section is a inactive. Sliding doors can be suspended from a track above the door, or be mounted on a track below the door.


A French door contains glass panels (lites) installed inside of the frame. When a pair of French doors is placed end to end, there is no central mullion- the doors open and close with nothing in between them. This is also called a French Window. Since French Doors let in far more light than a traditional door and don't obstruct the view, they often open onto the backyard or patio.


Folding doors have multiple hinged panels that fold up against each other when the door is opened. Since they can't resist forced entry or weather very well, they are used exclusively as interior doors.


Dutch doors have a top panel which opens and closes independently of the bottom half; the top half of the door can be open, while the bottom is still closed. This is also sometimes known as a stable door.


This interior door style has a frame holding many louvers (wooden slats), similar to blinds on a window. These louvers can be rotated together with a chain or lever to be vertical and closed, or horizontal and open, permitting good air flow with some measure of privacy.


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