First Passive House Certified Window with Zuani tooling in US!

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What Rangate Offers

• Caters to Small and Medium Shops
Optimizes Your Business Operations
• Focuses on Customer Satisfaction
• Specializes in Windows and Doors
Builds Industry Community Knowledge

Insert Tooling Cutterheads by Zuani and Garniga

Insert Tooling Cutterheads

Rangate Insert Tooling by Zuani
• Cutterheads for Kitchen Cabinets,
   Lift Slide Doors, Tilt Turn Windows
Finger Joints, Profiling, Radius Tooling
Carbide & Diamond-Coated Inserts

Specialty Products including Knot Filler, Aigner and Pizzi

Specialty Products

Arch Clamp, Thermelt® Knot Filler
Pizzi® Glue Applicators and Spreaders
NoRot© Dowels, Trimatic Drilling Heads
NoRot© Dowel Drill Bits, Mortiser Bits
Aigner® Products

Machinery including Soukup America Inc. CNC Woodworking Machinery and Barth Multipress Clamping System

Woodworking Machinery

Soukup CNC Woodworking Machinery
Barth Multipress / Vacuum Cart

Rangate's Missions: Build Woodworking Community and Provide Resources

Resources and Community

• Rangate Monthly eNews
Alpine Technical Workshops©
• Solid Wood Industry Network Links

Pizzi 9001 Glue Tank

Featured Products

Pizzi Glue Systems
• Made in Italy
• Specials on a range of products

Rangate, Inc. has proud partners (who are also customer focused) with the following entities (no specific orders):
Alpine Technical Workshops©, Zuani S.r.l., Soukup America Inc., Cascade Woodwork, Barth Maschinenbau, Pizzi Officine s.r.l. Woodworking Technologies, SistemiKlein S.r.l., Garniga S.r.l., Aigner Products, and Functional Fenestration, Inc.